Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patch and Repair

As I stood in line at  Hardware Hell on the boulevard also known to me as the Boulevard of the Damned (another story)...
could not help but to notice this gents patch and repair.

Perhaps his wife lovingly found a similar polyester fabric to patch or to let them out a as his girth widened with age.

I took a snap with the hope no one would notice.

The hand-sewn repair was noticed when I downloaded the pic.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Studio build out week 2

The work continues in my new room.  
My dear nephew Ken is happy to show off some of the semi-finished work.
Steve completed his portion of the job and Ken carried on with me.

My friend Martha and I drove to Ikea in Michigan where I purchased many cabinets

I assembled 12 cabinets in a staging area in my living room
We decided on a layout and added wood supports to the wall
Each cubby was attached to studs and is very secure.

I assembled the hardware to the doors

South view
West View
The cabinet doors presented a challenge. Not all of them hang straight, so I will have to bring in a professional to help me complete.

The unopened boxes contain this very heavy flat file. 
I shall attempt to assemble this beast later today.

Addendum to original post
My handy-husband was able to tweak the doors and made them hang jussssst right.

And I have started to unpack the Martha Stewart brand Flat file. 
I think there are 500 pieces. Yeah!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Studio Under construction

Two of my capable nephews are building-out a new studio space for me in
a room adjacent to my kitchen.
Previously, it was where my mamma slept and then held extra storage
I called it the Room of Whoa!
because it made me say Whoa! before entering the room filled with dreck.

Now it is presently under construction.

When the ceiling was opened, we found a small ball of tatting/crochet thread
tucked in a corner
We think it was a sign from momma

A huge weight has been lifted

The fellowship I won has given me the funds to move mountains of 
both real and mental storage.

Next week, my guys are going to help move the bulk of what used to be in that room  
out of my house and out of my care.


More to come.