Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hello, my blog has moved, will you follow me?

Hello, my blog has moved and you can reach me 
through a new doorway.

The  blog is now linked to my new website.

The door is unlocked and you are welcome to sit awhile to share your thoughts and stitch with me.

This blog has been a generous platform for me to share my work and of others whom I have an interest.

Please follow me and continue to share your wisdom, insights, and soulful stitches with me.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making Art A Practice

Cat Bennett is an artist and writer in Boston, MA.

I am pleased to announce that Cat asked for my permission to share some of my images for her 2nd book and I am more than thrilled. 

Making Art A Practice

Her first book, The Confident Creative, is my resource for tapping into my creativity when I am feeling out of sorts.  And need a little push to make work happen.
Her book "The Confident Creative" won the Gold Medal in the prestigious Nautilus Books Awards in 2011.
You may purchase both of her books from Findhorn press here.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Squam Art Workshops June 2013

Back from Squamartworkshops as a visiting artist
 and it was lovely
I stayed in a cabin with a lakefront view, a well-stocked fireplace, room for 9 + women and a dock.
Cabin Kilkare with 8 fabulous women was a fun place each evening
as we sat around the fire and knit (or stitched)

Every cabin had an icebox from ice cut during the winter from Squam Lake

I wrote about the founder, Elizabeth Duvivier, here  She is an exceptional woman
to have envisioned these workshop events and now they are 5 years old.
Over 200 people attended workshops at Rockywold Deephaven camps
at Squam Lake in New Hampshire last week.

I met interesting, intelligent and talented women from all parts of the country
and I gave a little informal talk on Friday night where I spoke a bit about my work.

I could see some eco-dying in the future there. Or some
deep discussions about how to tap into one's creative spirit
heal oneself and be a more well person.
I hope I might return one day.

I purchased a pair of little scissors from an Angela Liguori who owns
Studio Carta
She was selling some of her notions during the Squam Art Fair on Saturday evening.

The scissors are from Italy and are extremely sharp and perfect for nipping at little threads.
 I will be selling these in my store later this month!