Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marks From Her Yard

Katherine Allen
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
Bubble and Revel 33.5"x50"

Acrylic Paint ; Screen Print Inks on Silk, Applique, Three Layers, Machine Stitching, 2007
When I worked for the Art Curator at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, 
I selected and arranged for the purchase of this lovely piece.
I do recall the staff surrounding me and thought it was a painting! 
They were so very happy. 
It is more beautiful in person, the gray color in this piece is a silver and has just a hint of shine, the green is a nubby silk fabric, subtle and glorious. Bubble and Revel indeed!

Blue Moon 51"x49"

Acrylic Paint; Screen Print Inks on Silk, Three Layers, Hand Stitching, 2009
Interweave 33"x41"

Acrylic Paint & Screen Print Inks on Silk, Three Layers, Machine and Hand Stitching, 2010

All images © Katherine K. Allen

I emailed Katherine in 2007 after I saw one of her pieces at Fiber Art International in Pittsburgh, PA. She agreed to a sale of Bubble and Revel (above ) for the hospital. 
Katherine told me that the leaves and bits and pieces in her work come directly from her yard. She uses them as a stencil of sorts as she prints the images onto fabric. 
I have yet to meet her in person, however, someday, perhaps we will. 
Please visit more of her intriguing art work here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sublime Work in Her 90's

Louise Bourgeois
born Paris, France, 1911
she's 99 
(just 7 years older than my momma)
Untitled, Fabric, 29.2 x 38.1 cm,(11.4 x 15 inches), 2003 
She was 92!

Untitled, Fabric, 60.9 x 77.7 cm, (23.9 x 30.59 inches), 2005
She was 94

Untitled, Fabric, 59.6 x 77.4 cm, (23.4 x 30.4 inches) 2005
Age: 94
Untitled, Fabric and Beads, 45.7 x 55.8 cm, (17.9 x 21.9 inches), 2005

Untitled, Fabric, 121.9 x 152.4 cm, ( 47.9 x 60 inches) 2006
Oh my, at 95.

Proof (to me) that age breeds perfection.
I aspire to these heights
and toast to beauty!

I found these images here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walk photos: Tree Circles

People in my neighborhood like to create circles at the base of the trees.
all photos C. Mauersberger
Enjoy Sunday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Textile Tipple Art Part II

Mary Ann Tipple
Part II
One Windy Day
This is a photo she bought in a flea market. 
Cotton sheeting, acrylic paint, xerox copies, paint sticks, cotton duck 
39.75" H x 34.5" W; June 2008

I think she captured washday beautifully.
Fancy Coat

Painted tissue paper, acrylic paint, paint sticks, xerox copy, cotton duck
69" H x 30.5; July 2009

This is a  large image of Mary Ann's mom wearing a fancy coat.
I remember seeing her work on this piece when we were both in 2 different workshops at QSDS  last year.

This piece is about breast cancer

Details of Cancer piece
Things your Mother Warned You About: Older Men
that's Mary Ann's aunt, but the man isn't her uncle!

Things your Mother Warned You About: Drinking
Things your Mother Warned You About: Smoking
View of the Gallery Corridor
View of the Gallery Corridor

Mary Ann made some little 5" x 5" collage pieces, they're located at the entrance to the building
and she's selling them for only $20.00 each! a bargain.
Mary Ann Tipple has a sweet gallery exhibit at The Gathering Place in Westlake Ohio. I made a visit with my friend Joan and we were smitten with her show.
See more of her work here
And if you're within driving distance, I encourage you to see the exhibit in person.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ephemeral Dressing

Nicole Dextras
Granville Island in Vancouver BC

CAMELLIA COUNTESSA Camellia Flowers, Lilac Flowers, Yucca Leaves, Laurel Leaves, and Thorns.
Medium Format Photography. Fibre based prints and digital prints available in variable sizes. 

HYDRANGEA TOURNURE Hydrangea Flowers, Magnolia Leaves, Laurel Leaves, and Thorns. Medium Format Photography. Fibre based prints and digital prints available in variable sizes. 

YUCCA PROM DRESS Yucca Leaves and Flowers, Thorns.
Medium Format Photography. Fibre based prints and digital prints available in variable sizes. 
All pics via Nicole Dextras

Nicole Dextras calls these pieces Weedrobes.
She has other special treats for your eyes on her website here.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Walk photos and a Nest

A few pic's from  a walk last Fall, although the colors evoke Spring 
This little friend has been hanging out on my porch upstairs this week. 
I thought he was up to something. 
Take a look.

Spring is in the air and anchored to my house 
to my work.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunpainting in Honduras

Nuevo Paraiso, Honduras, C.A.
July, 2006

In 2006, I was asked to fly to the worlds' most dangerous airportTegucigalpa

Honduras, on a humanitarian mission with a group of swell people from Shaker Hts, Ohio.
Arrived with my two-50 lb bags packed with a mega-load of donated and purchased items malaria drugs 
3 changes of clothes, one pair of red crocs and a pair flip flops 
mosquito tent.

I found myself situated in a hot, humid, little village with not a thing familiar to me. Except smiling faces of glorious women and children.

Don't drink the water, you'll get parasites and probably die
Don't pet the dogs, you'll get parasites and probably die
Don't leave the compound outside the gates, you'll probably die

This is a what I did do and NOBODY else has ever done since. Trust me, medical brigades arrive here often.
I spent all my time with woman and children who, because of previous physical abuses by men including beatings, rapes and the like, have come to live in this safe haven.
The remaining members of my travel group built an orphanage (away from me). I was solamente yo!
Here are a few pic's 

All the "stuff" you see in the pics are things I brought. They didn't and don't have a darn thing. 
I guessed at what to bring.

all pics © Christine Mauersberger
Sunpainting in Honduras for one week of heaven. 
No cell phones, no TV, no electricity (sometimes) I lost 10 lbs and gained insight to possibilities.