Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frozen waves and Onion Tops

My region this week
Cleveland, Ohio

It's been cold and grey in Cleveland. But that's not stopping me from walking and looking at my landscape.
I love the coldness found in the vista of  frozen Lake Erie within walking distance of  my house, the round cement columns near water's edge, and the weather-patina green of the St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral onion topped domes outside my nieces' kitchen window. (Built in 1911 it is Ohio's oldest Orthodox Church)


  1. i love winter and especially walks in frozen worlds. have torn myself away from the north with no little difficulty
    and am now readjusting to the southernfried summer...

  2. Actually, Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Marblehead, Ohio, is the oldest Orthodox Church in Ohio, having been built in 1905, six years before St. Theodosius. However, St. Theodosius is the older parish, having been founded in 1896, two years before Holy Assumption.

    1. Thank you for commenting and informing me of the church on Marblehead. I find history fascinating.


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