Thursday, September 27, 2012


I found a wool skirt at the thrift store this week. Washed, deconstructed, and now it has a few stitches in it. 

Will most likely cut it further apart...or not.


  1. Simply stunning! Your playful stitches seem to be dancing...must be the wool's happiness at being given a new life.

  2. there is a reminder of seeds dispersing here for me.

    1. Hi Velma! you are so right.
      I didn't think about anything in particular when I stitched. These were intuitively stitched.

  3. Exactly, Jennifer!

    Especially the (?) fireworks/flower(?)

    So light and joyful.

    And oh, the Greenhouse!
    When I was a kid, I fantasized about living in a house just like that. :-)
    The next time you're in Columbus, check out the Franklin Park Conservatory. It's like the Greenhouse, but the size of a 2 story barn! Seriously. You'll be in heaven...
    (Honestly, if I'm ever homeless you'll know where to find me...;-)

    As always, thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Obviously, you really like red. And it IS gorgeous. Is it just 'your color?' How did you settle on it?


    1. Hey Treen
      I'll have to check out that greenhouse now that my niece is living in Columbus.

      For RED, it found me. I've had a red-thing most of my adult life. Beginning with wearing really sharp red fine wool dress jackets with my black skirts from Ann Taylor in the early 1990's when I worked in banking.
      Then later when artmaking, the red found me again.
      I think that on a very basic (read DNA) level red is in my veins. Part of my heritage is Polish.

  4. "Will most likely cut it further apart...or not."
    There's a world of possibilities in that sentence!

    1. Hi Sweetpea, yes, there is, and I sort of like the ambiguity of my statement.
      In much more firmer terms, I'm working out a new direction in stitching.

  5. Lovely stitching and drawn stitched: stitching you could do on a plane.....
    That gives me an idea.

  6. It's beautiful. Red threads always tell the most interesting tales...

  7. As always I adore your stitching. I find it mesmerizing and inspirational.

  8. Thank you both Claire and Catherine.


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