Monday, January 21, 2013

Intuition and the Creative Spirit

C. Mauersberger, Drawing using Intuition made on Sunday 1/20/13
while thinking about Elizabeth Duvivier.
Human Heart. Pixie Dust.
I am going to spend a long weekend at Squam Art Workshops  in June this year.

Before I spoke to Squam founder and director, Elizabeth Duvivier, today I began to meditate about talking to her. We've only had one previous chat and a few emails, but I felt that I knew her.

I began to draw 
The resulting image is what you see above.

At the end of our discussion, I told her that I made a drawing in preparation for our phone meeting.
And that I would email an image of it to her.

Then I realized that the drawing is all about her. 
Call it intuition or whatever you like... I drew a human heart with clouds of colored pixie dust spilling out of its arteries. My inner voice connected with my hands before my conscious-self understood the meaning.

And that is what Elizabeth does. She promotes creativity as a way of life and fabricates fabulous gatherings in the woods to train, inspire, heal and to expand our creative spirit.

The best way to describe Squam is by using her words from the Squam Art Workshop website:

"So, what is Squam?
Here are three things it has been for me:
a journey into greater, sustained joy; 
the beginning of an adventure; 
a life changing revelation and revolution (with all of the glory and none of the politics)."

Founder and Director Elizabeth Duvivier with her dog Daisy
photo credit:  Sarah Rainwater for Apartment Therapy

Learn more about the art retreats at Squam here.
Perhaps, you might find yourself taking a class or two at Squam this year...

If you do, let me know, because I want to meet you while I am there.


  1. having a dog called Daisy establishes some good credentials, i think!

  2. the illustration makes me want to hug you! thanks for the great read and good thoughts for the day.

    1. Feeling a hug from you and sending one back!

  3. isn't it grand when your heart and hands know more than your head?

  4. Your intuitive self is very strong. Lovely.

  5. Squam
    is in my neck of the woods
    or nearish...
    it is my idea of a perfect location
    to learn, explore, meet new friends and bloom
    after attending two workshops
    (one with my teen son)
    I had the pleasure of teaching there...
    Elizabeth and Squam are pure magic
    savor every moment
    and listen deeply
    to the loons calling...

    bless your pixie dust heart
    it is spot on

    1. Wow. It' affirming to know that you've been there and taught. I do think Elizabeth D. is divine and look forward to spending a new week there.

  6. scamp (aka Shirley)February 7, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    I will be there in June, and look forward to meeting you! Elizabeth is a treasure, and Squam has been a life changer for me. Found your blog through Jude Hill and Spirit Cloth...


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