Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marks From Her Yard

Katherine Allen
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
Bubble and Revel 33.5"x50"

Acrylic Paint ; Screen Print Inks on Silk, Applique, Three Layers, Machine Stitching, 2007
When I worked for the Art Curator at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, 
I selected and arranged for the purchase of this lovely piece.
I do recall the staff surrounding me and thought it was a painting! 
They were so very happy. 
It is more beautiful in person, the gray color in this piece is a silver and has just a hint of shine, the green is a nubby silk fabric, subtle and glorious. Bubble and Revel indeed!

Blue Moon 51"x49"

Acrylic Paint; Screen Print Inks on Silk, Three Layers, Hand Stitching, 2009
Interweave 33"x41"

Acrylic Paint & Screen Print Inks on Silk, Three Layers, Machine and Hand Stitching, 2010

All images © Katherine K. Allen

I emailed Katherine in 2007 after I saw one of her pieces at Fiber Art International in Pittsburgh, PA. She agreed to a sale of Bubble and Revel (above ) for the hospital. 
Katherine told me that the leaves and bits and pieces in her work come directly from her yard. She uses them as a stencil of sorts as she prints the images onto fabric. 
I have yet to meet her in person, however, someday, perhaps we will. 
Please visit more of her intriguing art work here.


  1. What a fine blog you have here. I followed your link on the fb Slow Cloth group.

  2. Katherine's work is so original and elegant. It is always exciting to see what she is doing.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I enjoy sharing the art work of others. Katherines' work is divine.

  4. Katherine was in Dorothy Caldwells master class at QSDS, the first master Dorothy taught. She is a very nice person and very elegant like her work.
    Mary Ann


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