Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bee Hives made from Flower Pedals

Turkish Bees (Osmia (Ozbekosima) avoseta bee in Turkey) make nests using flower pedals. 
Who knew?

Jerome Rozen/American Museum of Natural History

Looks like something Eco-Artist and Botanical Alchemist India Flint would have thought of.

See more pictures and read about these bees here.
I continue to be amazed at life on earth.


  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful! It reminds me very much of the beautiful art made by Makiko Wakisaka:

    I think you will love it. :-)

  2. she wishes she HAD thought of it!
    although come to think of it, back in 2002 she sewed a dress from thistles and other weeds...

  3. I'll have to post about Makiko, thank you for your comment Morna.
    and India, I'm not surprised!

  4. I'm glad you'll post about Makiko - her work is beyond gorgeous.

    Hi, India - you and Makiko do seem like spirit sisters. :-)


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