Friday, October 8, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

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image copyright artofthestate

I haven't touched my knitting needles in several years. 
And hardly a crochet hook.

Today, I was required to wait 30 minutes before I was allowed to leave the waiting room at my allergists' office after having injections. 

With bright blue crochet hook and warm orange wool in hand, I attempted to crochet a bit during my wait.

A kind woman saw me struggling. 

Whatcha makin'?

Oh...I don't know how to crochet, but I want to make a little bow.

Do you want to single crochet?


She cast on stitches and showed me how to do a thing or two. 
The nurse called her into the honeycomb rooms behind the door for her appointment.
Said the nurse, Whatcha doing?  Spreadin' joy?

We both smiled.

I watched her disappear behind the door and sat and crocheted a little bit of orange heaven. 

Sometimes a stranger has a thing or two to teach you.


  1. Oh, that's what I need, a kind stranger to show me how to crochet; my grandmother showed me but I have forgotten! Lucky you.

  2. how sweet.
    comforting to know there are nice people in all sorts of places
    but hey, we knew that

  3. this is what the world needs now.

  4. Very sweet. Since I also get allergy shots I'm always looking to fill that time. Happy crocheting...

  5. Thanks to all of you who posted a comment. It's nice to find a common ground with other people via hand-work.

  6. I am almost never without a bag of yarn and knitting needles or a bag with my embroidery. Unfortunately, I find that carrying around my tapestry is almost impossible. I tried once, much too bulky! Got some comments though. I keep my hands busy through doctor's appointments, piano lessons, soccer practices and games, ballet...

  7. Think of it. We knit and crochet for the sheer pleasure. Our ancestors did it to be clothed but also did it for the accomplishment and knew it's value.

    Glad you had your needle and yarn.

  8. I simply love how we can all relate to this moment.

  9. love this story. I was knitting a sock on an airplane once and an old lady coming down the aisle stopped and said, "Socks!" We both agreed that the thrill you get when you turn the heel is inimitable. Lacking a village, we need more contact with strangers.


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