Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Work in process

I met a woman who studies the way cell phones, computers, and other technologies are helping us connect and become more human in new ways. 

I wrote to her and asked if she'd like to do a collaboration where I will stitch some of her movements through her physical space. 

Sorry can't give away every detail yet. 
But can share some pictures of work in process. 
 Cut paper map, approximate size is 36 x 40 inches
blue and black etching inks
Brayer inked up and ready to roll
 Pieces of fabric after running my cut map parts through the press

 Nine pieces of fabric stitched together
Four corners (detail)
Next step is to continue to make prints and meditate on the work to decide what whether to stitch, cut, overprint, mark, or none of the above.

I'll share more pic's as the process continues.


  1. mmm ... loving the look of this

  2. This looks so intriguing. I also love the theme of embracing technology - it is not always a bad thing. Can't wait to see how this progress.

  3. oooh really interesting work blooming here...

  4. thanks for commenting all. I hope this develops into something big.

  5. Awesome, so many possibilities, you go girl!

  6. Hey Mary Ann, I'm trying to change things up a bit.

  7. I think this is very interesting work...I'll come back to see where it goes. I/ve always loved maps.

  8. Exciting project, and love seeing the beginnings here ; )

  9. I love to see work in process. Thanks for the pics. I look forward to more pics!


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