Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The next map

Continuing the thread I started last week, I'm working on how to translate maps onto fabric.
I posted last week about a project I'm working on here

This is machine stitched work on black linen.

Using my sewing machine with the feed dogs dropped, 
I'm following the GPS trails from the map sent to me by my collaborator. 

Can any one guess what U.S. city this might be?

work on my design board
stitched area @36" wide x 22" high
© C. Mauersberger, 2011


  1. Ooo . . fascinating. Stitching is calling to me! Too many mediums are enticing me.

  2. beautiful...but not risking any guesses, my US geography isn't THAT good, yet...

  3. Close's Portland Oregon.

  4. Make sure to take a look at the work of Aaron Koblin- and especially his work on flight patterns. I have an midway through a piece also on flight. You can take a look at
    Your work is breath taking. Judy

  5. Judy, thank you for the links. I adore your work and am intrigued with Aaron Koblin.


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