Monday, January 2, 2012

new stitches - Update

Happy New Year dear reader, 

It seems I always have energy for many new stitches at the start of the new year. 
I hope you do as well.
One of my friends gave me a few pieces of lovely old linen, I thought I'd put some marks on it.

Here's a little drawing and a few stitches for your eyes. 

Let's see where this goes. 
C.Mauersberger, new stitches- more progress

C. Mauersberger line drawing, 2012

C. Mauersberger, work in progress, 2012

Where will you go this year?


  1. I'm mending while wandering
    Bit rough, just following where the thread leads
    That's a beautiful dance on cloth you're creating

  2. Mending is good. I think I've been influenced by my recent love of hoop dancing. My stitching are twirling as my body does.

  3. i will go where the stitches take me.

  4. i think of fingerprints, and intersections here. fine going.

  5. Christine, these are lovely stiches, Deborah

  6. I love new directions and those intersections, crossroads. I am open to taking care of the details, the small things in my life that are important to me like my home and family, and finding courage to serving and loving others in my community with the tools I have in my hands. Lovely work as always. You are an inspiration CM. x


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