Monday, February 6, 2012

George Mauersberger

George Mauersberger from CPAC on Vimeo.

George is one of 20 artists who won a Creative Workforce Fellowship with a super nice financial award.

This is a terrific program. I live in the only County in the United States that awards artists a grant of this size and scope!

See more of George's work here.


  1. I loved hearing George speak along with seeing his work. Well done and congratulations!

    1. Thank you Terry, and thank you for sharing on FB!

  2. wow, great, my first question was are you related... but obviously!

    1. Heh Heh, I fell in love with him when I saw him draw. sigh...

  3. this is GREAT! and, speaking from the point of view of one who has applied countless times and gotten teensy awards from nystate, YAY! i liked his words, christine. no wonder his drawing won your heart!

  4. for some reason the video wasn't cooperating [maybe cos i'm on the wrong side of the Big Puddle]
    congratulations in any case!

  5. yay George!
    great video
    loved hearing you talk
    about your exquisite drawings
    remembering you and your work
    from O.U. back in the 80's
    so fun to discover you again
    by way of Christine's lovely marks...

    xox - eb. (Elizabeth Bunsen)


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