Friday, March 16, 2012

Wall Marks

My hand, with large 'Sharpie' marker
My wall, 15' long
I was juried into a show called 6 in Studio where for the next month, I'll be creating art in a gallery space with 5 other artists. It is a project created by the Cleveland West Art League (CWAL). The Gallery is located at the 78th Street Studios
Marks in progress

It's 10 pm, I need to go home.
Artists installing found wood and roots

Younger artist felting wool and creating shapes
Artist to the left is journaling as we all work and is
making decisions about what she will be doing in the space.

We'll meet every Sunday to work on whatever creative endeavor we choose.

The completed work will be exhibited on Friday April 20th.

This evening was the Art Walk/open studios evening at the site, so we kicked off the event where anyone could walk in and see what we're doing.

I decided to begin by making marks and marks.

More photos when I'm finished. 



  1. What fun! I expect you know all about weaver Sue Lawty and her use of pebbles:

    1. No, I was not aware of Sue Lawty. Wow! I love this work. Thank you for sharing Olga.

  2. wonderful
    love these marks
    so boldly meditative
    the ceiling roots look interesting too...

    xox - eb.

  3. your red marks are nifty, and i so love writing on walls. what a great project.

  4. what a great project. can't wait to see more.


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