Sunday, April 22, 2012

6 in Studio Show

Flow, C. Mauersberger, 2012

I posted about a show I was invited to participate in here called 6 in Studio.
Six artists were selected to create artwork in the gallery space of the Cleveland West Art League as a great experiment for a month to work on whatever artistic endeavor we wanted. 

I am pleased at the resulting works and I was more then thrilled to have this opportunity to experiment with my work on a large scale.

ARTISTS:Michelle Murphy
Christine Mauersberger
Grace Summanen
Meredith Hahn
Kelsey Leib
Laila Voss
PROJECT Juror: Dana Depew

I've posted quite a few images. 

Flow, side view
Metal rod and round screw used as hanging apparatus for my piece
Rubylith as I was cutting the material to sew it

Looking through Flow at Laila Voss's installation
Studio as it looked during the last "work-day"

Laila Voss

looking back at my piece through Laila's hanging roots

Laila's roots extend towards the windows.
Then you can see Dana Depew's bird housed out doors
Dana Depew
Dana served as juror for the 6 in Studio

Michelle Marie Murphey
Photo taken on one of our "work" days in studio.
I was up on the ladder, looking down at Michelle
as she tweaked images on her computer.
Grace Summanen

One of the 4 pieces made by Grace Summanen
Kelsey Leib

Looking through my piece at Kelsey's work.

Meredith Hahn
Picture above is of Meredith Hahn working on last day in studio.

Meredith Hahn, Grace Summanen, Kelsey Leib, Michelle Marie Murphy, Laila Voss, and Christine Mauersberger (not in photo) but my work is.


  1. looks fabulous. wish i could have seen it in person.

    1. Thank you. It really does have a different feel in person. It was a good experience.

  2. Wish I could have been there! Your installation is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I appreciate your comment.

    2. India's words about the movement, colors and shadows of your piece are what I was thinking but was too tired to be able to articulate. (5 yr old twins have that effect on my brain cells) Hope you find a place to create your larger work. What an experience it will be.

  3. What a fun show...I thoroughly enjoyed it (couldn't stay as long as I liked, as it was getting pretty crowded in there...)
    Meredith is a sweetie...interesting work, too.
    Laila's piece was really cool: I loved the inclusion of the sounds, and the SMELLS...not just wood, like you'd expect but also smoky and (?) Couldn't figure the rest out but they were very soothing.
    Felt silly, but did the lip thing over at Michelle's...I really liked the crispness of her images and that ONE-the big one-Meredith thought they might be guy lips...I hadn't even considered that...just thought it was lipstick 'feathering' off, not little hairs. But it was one of the most interesting images on that piece.
    I was fighting an urge to touch Grace' tactile (layered acrylic? I couldn't find the artist statement sheet.) Kelsey's too.
    That Dana...I saw the birdhouses out the window (while trying to find the source of the sound for Laila's piece) and thought 'how neat that someone put those in between the buildings for birds. Great use of space.' Didn't realize that they were part of the show, but then he's kind of a guerilla phenom. :-)
    O.M.G., Ms. Chris: YOUR piece was just ethereal. The strips of ruby not only made it feel like it was gently breaking free of the wall and floating away (also some of the swells in the white space b/w the marks;) as they caught the light they shifted color b/w that deep red and an iridescent lilac. Yum. Very, very nice!
    My only regret for the show was that I wished the room could've been a bit larger, to be able to stand back from yours and Laila's pieces.

    But it was a delightful show and I was so happy I was able to get in there before the worst of the crowd. Congrats to all you ladies!


    1. Dear Treena, thank you for your thoughtful comments for each of the artworks. I agree, I wish the room was bigger. That said, it was a chance to experiment and that we did. Now Ms. Treena, why didn't you come up and introduce yourself to me? You remain Anonymous...hmmmm.

    2. might have been there and I just didn't see you. I was there around 6:30 or a bit later...
      My apologies for posting as 'Anon.' I was just too lazy to sign into my Google acct!

  4. i was wondering how your piece responded to bodies moving through the space
    imagining coloured stitch marks moving across the floor as air currents swirled and slunk between other moving but solid things
    could see this work
    on its own
    in a space big enough for stepping back
    perhaps with seating for some really slow observation...

    1. Good question India. The piece moved as bodies walked past and I enjoyed seeing that happen. I am now interested in finding a place in which I may create a larger piece in a larger room. I envision being able to allow viewers to walk around and into the piece. Now, I've got to hunt down a space!

  5. Christine,
    I have enjoyed watching your process
    what a beautiful installation
    yes - the movement and flow
    the contrast
    of vertical and horizontal
    stasis and movement
    such quiet power
    wondering if you know of Geogia Papageorge's
    lines of fire:

    xox - eb.

  6. I love when spaces are transformed by artists in ways such as these. These works were exciting to view, even if only on the internet, because one still gets a sense of what it must have been like to be there... walking around and through.

  7. thanks for showing us around the space, inside and out! looks really fine.

  8. This is fantastic group of works and artists. Loved seeing some of the process shots as well as the finished pieces.

    1. Thanks Terry, now I've got to find a place to make a large work!

  9. I love your work, very interesting.
    A hug.


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