Sunday, April 8, 2012

Studio Work: Wall Drawing Part 3

For some of you, today day you will be with family and share a meal. I was in the studio at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland. Feeling refreshed and ready to resume my installation, I spent a few hours there today.

I installed 2 horizontal rods near the ceiling and have started to hang the strips of sewn red transparency film in front of my wall drawing.

I will continue to draw the red lines on the wall by adding more to the bottom section of the drawing.

Cleveland Artist, Laila Voss, suspend tree roots from the ceiling.


  1. such a delight to be able to observe this work grow

    1. I enjoy sharing images and now that my momma is a bit better, I feel free to work.

  2. Very thankful your Momma pulled through...(hmm...Easter, resurection...:-)

    I don't think she was ready to leave her girls. And what a great gift.

    And I can't wait to see this show!



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