Sunday, July 15, 2012

Growing Dyes Amid the Sound of Busy Bees

View of Lavender Hill Farms on Horton Bay Road in Boyne City Michigan.

The green hills and blue lakes that are located in the state of Michigan are divine. My friend, Shanna Robinson, lives and works in a lovely area of that state.

Indigo and other dye-producing plants at Lavender Hill Farms
She is growing a natural dye garden for the North Central Michigan State College amid the blooming fields of lavender at  Lavender Hill Farms
There are indigo, woad, weld, hibiscus and a few other color-producing plants. What a grand location and a garden worthy of a visit.

Please visit her new blog here 

If you are interested in learning more, drop her a note on her page.

I did. 

And if you're in the neighborhood up in her neck of the woods, stop in!

If you stand near the plants you can hear the bees sing.


  1. Thanks Christine! It was great to show you our garden.

    1. I was overwhelmed with joy to visit your garden!

  2. I love the sound of singing bees

  3. Wow! The photos are amazing enough, but to have been able to stand midst all those blooms and to hear the bees singing...bliss.

  4. God bless the bees. They are extraordinary creatures. If you want to read a wonderful book about bees and bee history try THE QUEEN MUST DIE. It is fascinating. xo, T

  5. Nice Terry! I'll have to read it.

  6. the sight, the sound, the aroma, the feel of sun and breeze on your skin - definitely a wow. bees fascinate me, but i leave the keeping to a friend (who's good enough to send me soap and honey).


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