Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curious Crochetdermy

Shauna Richardson

All photos via Shauna Richardson
A good friend sent me a link to Shauna Richardson's work the other day.  
I was curious and  totally enamored with her talent and thinking processes.
All answers found. Read this interview published here.
An excerpt:
"For me Crochetdermy is a real personal challenge. It retains the ability to make me feel uncomfortable and I suspect that lack of comfort will continue to pique my curiosity and keep me creating these pieces for a long time to come."
I encourage you to see more of her work on her website here.
It's brilliant and bothersome (in a good way!)


  1. I've just discovered your blog through the Elaine at slow cloth on facebook.

    I am so pleased to visit it and shall do so again. Thanks for finding and sharing these artists. Much appreciated.

  2. you might like to google Louise Weaver for work in a similar field...amazing what you can do with a hook and a filament....

  3. Thanks Judy and India.
    I appreciate your comments. @ India- Louise Weaver's work is cool. I'm going to email her and post. Cheers!


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