Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Velvet, why yes!

As the leaves begin to turn colors here in Northeast Ohio, I find myself wanting to add color to my work.

Here's a peak a what I'm working on now. 
I plan to fill the back of this shirt with stitches and perhaps the front. 

I found this cotton shirt at the thrift store a few months ago. And I found a few bits of silk velvet from a project long abandoned and thought velvet, how delicious!


  1. Yes, delicious. And smart and fashionably grey. You'll look brilliant in it. What kind of thread are you using for the stitching?

    Susan J.

  2. Susan, the darker thread is single strand of DMC brand embroidery floss, while the off white color is single strand of #5 70% Silk, 30% Cotton Fine Yarn from in AU.

  3. for some reason my 'puter is showing the text in Turkish
    but the images speak for themselves
    there must be a bit of serendipity happening in the whirled [as regards velvet]
    the pieces made in class in Brisbane a week or so ago all sported a tiny square of rust-red velvet [it was a small class sample, cut up and shared out]
    i like it

  4. India...hmmmm Turkish? Glad the images weren't jumbled. Thank you for sharing the Brisbane story. I feel as though I'm on pulse with the whirld of stitching and velvet use.

  5. Fabulous stitching. I love this one and also the black one you did earlier. What a great idea.
    Also, Anna Torma is one of my favourite artists. and thanks for introducing me to Yuko Takada Keller - I had not seen her work before. This is a great blog. Thanks.

  6. this is a beautiful blog. love that stitching too. Brisbane CA or Brisbane QLD? i must read more.

  7. What a beautiful piece of work ... just right.


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