Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eco-dyed paper at the Morgan

Eco-dyed paper by India Flint while in Cleveland, Ohio, USA , 10/15/12

Eco-dyed paper by India Flint created in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 10/15/12
Twinkle lights were hanging above us in the studio,
while class participants where eager to listen to the instructions for their first project with India Flint at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland. 

Above is work-in-process by George Mauersberger. 
I am pleased as punch to tell you that India gave this beautiful example of her work to my husband, George Mauersberger in appreciation for the off-cuts of a thick watercolor paper he gave her for the eco-dye for paper class at the Morgan.


  1. eco dye paper.....oooo swooon!!!

  2. and i look at that watermelon thinking...could pick that up and eat it...swoon.

  3. I would have enjoyed this workshop. Oh well, there's always next time when India comes to the Southwest.

  4. the watermelon flesh is so lifelike. yum. x


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