Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shapes are shifting

Left to Right: B. Wiechec, G. Cline, and D. Angus

D. Norris pins and stitches

H. Klassen ruffles

L. Crawford, hand, pins, needle and thread

L Crawford mockup for garment drys on the line
I am over the moon as I tend to the feeding and care of those who are fortunate to be participating in the India Flint workshop this weekend in Cleveland.


  1. Ah Christine, what a lovely thing to witness you two meeting. A perfect union of two of my favourite mark makers. Watching also from afar and so very happy at this turn of events. x

  2. Hands at work, readying blank canvasses for nature's color & their wearer's delight...fine moments!

    Christine, I think you may be the hostess with the mostest ;>]]

  3. Oh....this is so the class that I yearned to take, but which future {at the time this was in the future} schedules wouldn't allow. One day...

    Your photos make me feel as if I'm there. Thank you for that. More photos please my dear.


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