Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winds of Destruction

Hurricane Sandy hit Cleveland hard. High winds and downed trees...
Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Peggy Turbett
Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Marvin Fong

We lost electricity for less than 12 hours but others in my area are still without power. This storm made me think of all of our neighbors throughout the East coast and Mid Atantic states.

If you are willing and able, please consider a donation to help those in need.
Use a search engine like Google to find places in need or donate directly to the American Red Cross Here


  1. the big lakes have personality. here, wind gusts, a little rain, lots of prep for, thank god, nothing much.

  2. I watched from this side of the world - what a lot of destruction that sandy brought.... I think its a reminder of just how vulnerable we all are.... I have been thankful to hear from friends on the east coast that they are ok - even if the neighbourhood has been hit hard - the images of all those houses burning in queens was just so sad

  3. Sandy covered quite a lot of ground in her path of destruction, didn't she? The news stations here...even the national stations like The Weather Channel and CNN...have been concentrating on New Jersey and New York, yet I know the devastation extends beyond those areas. I hadn't realized that Sandy had ventured to your home as well.

    It's good to know you're safe and sound, my friend, and that your power has been restored. Our town is 76% without. Thankfully, we are in the minority that never lost it this time...unlike last October when we were powerless for 8 days.

    We'll talk soon. I seem to remember you mentioning Scotland when I was there, but my memory isn't what it once was...blame it on twin brain, not getting older. Ha!


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