Friday, January 18, 2013

New Notes

Language, Notes
C. Mauersberger 2013
January blues
both G and I have had colds for over 12 days. 
I'm trying to clean out my studio, engage in fitness, eat well, and make art.


DAILY Home remedy: Green drink
Home made juice: Kale, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon, celery...

 Circle stitches
Ugh, even these don't appeal to me. 
Must be the fog between my ears.

Germs, Cold, Flu, or otherwise.
I am sooooooooooooooo
OVER having a cold.

Location: W 117th Street, Cleveland, Ohio
Date: January 17, 2013


  1. wonderful find
    get well
    that drink looks like watermelon tourmaline

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Hope to be back in the game asap.

  2. are you considering translating that found treasure into stitch? delicious.

  3. found=health. today was day 15 of my bug. on the second antibiotic now, after home remedies didn't. this one is insidious.
    love your found. must have pleased you.

    1. Uggg. So sorry to hear that Velma. No anitbiotics here, just fluids, I did email my Dr. but no other remedies offered.

  4. Love your language notes...even your germs. But that found bit is most intriguing.

    So sorry to hear that you and your husband are sick. That drink of yours looks like it could anything. Is it working?

  5. Always beautiful images. Can you tell us more about the found object?

    1. Terry, I am attracted to crosses and to found objects. The thought of being at a cross-road as in having to make a decision to move forward or to change one's course of action is or was a constant in the last decade for me. The symbolism is also an emblem for a safety-kit in the case of an emergency and I liken it to a repair or patch over a cut or tear in fabric or metaphorically over cuts or holes in my life.

    2. love your sharing here about the symbolism of the cross - perhaps the heart (overlap of vertical/horizontal) might be seen as the intersection of the physical and non-physical worlds...


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