Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sandra Brownlee Workshop in Scotland 2013

Artist, Sandra Brownlee will be teaching in Scotland at Big Cat Textiles
 in Newburgh, Scotland in August, 2013 and (big smile) I will be there.
See more about the workshop here.

I was introduced to Sandra's work through India Flint who will also attend this workshop, but not before she teaches a few workshops herself.
See more about India's teaching schedule in the UK here.

Artist, Lorraine Glessner posted about her work last February.

Mohawk Paper posted a wonderful description with images of her handmade book, Departures and Returns, which is the counterpart to her exhibition in 2009 with the same name. The book was a finalist for a Masters Arts Award of Nova Scotia

Also Karen wrote a series of posts on her blog about meeting Sandra during a workshop at Haystack taught by India Flint and about visiting Sandra's studio. (oh joy!)
Please, grab a cup of something warm and enjoy the journey through Karen's words and images. (sigh).

If you are willing and able, I encourage you to set out to Scotland this summer and take this class.  Just imagine, Sandra, me, India, and few other new good friends and maybe YOU...sitting and stitching. Meditating, eating, walking, learning...

 Alison Mountain at Big Cat Textiles and Cat in the Hat told me that she has a few spots remaining to be filled. 

Come join us, won't you? And do send me an email if you plan to go.


  1. Sounds fantastic, unfortunately I had already worked out that I couldn't attend India Flnt's course in Scotland as petrol and board are so expensive, so now India is coming to my neck of the woods to do a workshop here before or after the Scottish ones, can't remember which, but it would have been great to have done both up there.

    1. Oh, I wish you could, but I am also glad that you'll be able to take India's class near you. Thank you for commenting and enjoy your workshop. It's going to be fabulous!

  2. it's going to be simply splendid
    in good company
    at the seaside
    in lovely Scotland.

    1. It will be good. Thank you for telling me about the workshop in the first place.

  3. The coldest I have ever been is the August that I went to Scotland for my birthday. Be prepared to bundle up.
    (a friend of Terry Jarrard-Dimond)

  4. Filled out the booking form this morning and am waiting for further instructions. Hopefully, I got the form in before the class fills up. Trying not to get excited yet. Well...not too much...just yet...

  5. Lucky you! I recently saw Sandra's work at a fiber art exhibit in Michigan (Innovators and Legends www.muskegonartmuseum.org/exhibitions) and loved it. Simple, elegant, meticulous. It stood out even among other beautiful work. I look forward to your report of the workshop!


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