Saturday, April 6, 2013

13 Threads

Black Cotton Lawn Dress with Ties and Side Drape
via 13 Threads Etsy Shop
see link here

13 Threads is the name of a blog written by a woman who
is interested in the history and design of fashion, traditional costumes and textiles.
She writes that many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited editions
and are all designed, cut and stitched by her in her room with a beautiful view of 
Edinburgh Castle.


Tunic Style Dress
Via 13 Threads

Her clothes are
 available on Supermarket and Etsy 

Dark Grey Linen Jacket

Want this.
A girl can dream.


  1. So nice to discover your blog ... I like your work!
    I am a big fan of 13 Threads her clothing is just exquisite!

    1. Thank you Marion. I popped over to your lovely blog. I am happy to meet you and see your stunning jewelry work.

  2. Yes! That jacket is stunning!

  3. This is such a lovely surprise! Your kind words are making my first day back sewing after a short break easy, encouraging and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you so, so much. Lois x

  4. I love Lois and the clothes she makes. I have several of her garments that I wear frequently with joy. Thank you for featuring her! Cant wait to see you in a few weeks...

  5. I wonder what a male version of this would look like. I like the fabric and the style very much


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