Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog moving soon

Heads up

I am going to move my blog 
to be connected with my website

Not yet, but in a few days


I have just listed some fine wool gauze scarves 

only 6 available

2 sizes

Light and airy

Will take dye like a dream

My garden is on the move too!
this hosta loves its new home

and big grass is moved now too!

I brought this up from my Georges family home in southern ohio
My nephew Ken
had to yank it out using a rope and dragging it with his truck.


  1. Wonder how one of those scarves would rust? Hmmm....

    Love the earrings and boots! And what a tease you are showing that snippet of your haircut.

    1. I haven't rusted wool, but if you have, and it works, you might need to try one of these.
      My hair is growing on me (pun intended).


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