Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stitching a Weekend

My hands photo by Kelly McKaig
Across state lines and bunked in the dearest small cottage 
Kelly, Lotta and I stitched, dyed, cooked, relaxed and it was

All good.


Lotta, dandelion on the silk/cotton thread purchased from my
little shop here
My bundles

My bundles, opened

Silk Broadcloth, onions

Stop by my shop if you would like to
order a spool of my favorite thread.

70% Silk/30% Cotton
sold to you from Beautiful Silks via


  1. ooooh, I am so envious of your girl time, dye time, stitching time ... what a lovely way to spend a weekend! I have succumbed to the charms of that thread & placed an order ~ thank you, Christine, for going to all the trouble of arranging to get it stateside.

    1. Hello Christi!
      The weekend was amazing and fruitful. Thank you for your order. C


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