Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hank and Spool Open and Tweeting

My sewing hands, Spool of thread
photo Kelly McKaig, photo C. Mauersberger

Hank and Spool  has received a steady flow of orders this week
I am a bit struck by this activity.
And feel gratitude.

Have started a twitter feed.

If you use Twitter and would like to follow
Terrific! I will follow you back

Onion skins, iron, and Natural color (left to right)

The silk/cotton thread dyes beautifully.

Pre-cut Hank
If any of you have attended one of India Flint's 
delicious workshop classes, you may have been 
given a few strands of this most-loved thread.

If you attended the Shapeshifter Class in Cleveland, you
will recall I had about 15 of these small pre-cut hanks
for sale.

Now I have more.

See here


  1. both my classes in California were delighted to hear that you are now supplying thread stateside

    1. Thank you for sharing this news and for spreading the word. I would not have known about this thread if not for you.

  2. perfect thread, and glad it is now here.


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