Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day USA.

Before she was a mother and now.

My mother, Bertha, on her wedding day, June 24, 1939.
Holding 10 month old Annette. Her last child of 11 and my younger sister  in Sept. 1963. 
This was morning after my eldest sisters wedding. 
Mom says this picture tells it all. 
June 13, 2009. 91 years old.

Enjoy your mother or other mother. We wouldn't be here with without her!


  1. How elegant. My mother lives in an assisted living residence. Recently they all displayed their wedding pictures. Very interesting and fun. Some people you could identify immediately and others we had not clue. Life wear on all of us in different ways.

  2. One of the true joys of blogging is coming across pages like yours (a find that happened only because of a domino effect of following one suggested link after another). I love these pictures of your mom. You can still see the face of a shy bride in the last photo of her.

    Very sweet!


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