Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blue now part 2 and Gravity and Grace

I keep working this piece. Haven't quite settled on the layout. It will come.

On Wednesday, I went to The Akron Art Museum to see the work of El Anatsui
El Anatsui, Mask of Human Kind, 2010 Aluminum and copper wire

El Anatsui, Red Block, 2010 Aluminum and copper wire
El Anatsui, DETAIL,  Red Block, 2010 Aluminum and copper wire

El Anatsui, DETAIL,  Red Block, 2010 Aluminum and copper wire

In the meantime, I am taking a Reiki I and II course as I write this post. I appreciate the intuitive nature of the Reiki healing process.

I hope each of you are experiencing joy and pleasure this weekend.



  1. i like those crosses...they've been cropping up here and there in my work lately too

    1. Your piece is really coming along. Love the new direction.

    2. Glad you do. I'm open to allowing the flow between what I'm thinking and feeling to be evident in the work.

  2. i wonder about those crosses, and how an idea seems to spring out of the ethers in many places simultaneously. i love that about ideas. roseanne (sp?) cash talked about grabbing on to a song when it came, or it might move on and someone else might get it...i like that.

  3. I have seen El Anatsui's work when it was in a show titled "The last time I wrote you about Africa" or something similar.

    It is so wonderful isn't it? I love how he hangs his work ...with nails pounded into the walls so to make his metal cloth drape.

    Thanks for this post, and congratulations on your beautiful work.


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