Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blue Now

Work in process. Some of the vintage fabrics have been over-dyed in an simple indigo vat while I was in  Michigan.

The light pale green swatch in the left column is a piece of my own baby blanket. My momma's 'go-to' choice for comfort. I know that some of my older sibs enjoyed this blanket before I was born, and most definitely my younger sister, Annette, cuddled with it. 

I cut into the little blanket last night and then I brought a swatch to my mom at the hospice. She held it, her finger tips that have turned blue as is what happens when the body begins to stop having a capillary response, and I was glad to tell her that I was using part of the blanket in a new work. 

I visualized her as a baby herself, then  she turned towards me and  asked whether I could make a little shawl for her shoulders with what I might have left.

Tears aside, here are some details as it is in process and will be stitched and handled with care.

Detail, spirograph image. I drew this spirograph with blue ink on paper, then scanned and printed it on an inkjet printer on cotton. The orange spirograph is printed on  a gauzy-type material- not sure I'll keep the orange. 

I printed these pieces in 2008, so I think they're fairly light fast...not that I really worry about that.

Some of the versions before I decided on a layout

More versions before I decided on a layout

My work is about the mapping of time. 

How do we map time?

When does it change? How do we know? why should I make these marks? Does it matter?

Each stitch is a mark of my time. Waiting, thinking, dreaming and wanting something to happen or not to happen. 

How do you spend time? 


  1. it all matters
    and each moment is precious
    however way it might be spent.

  2. It all matters....yes. I keep hearing past present's all the same...and yes, she's all matters. Sending Love and Prayers.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and being connected to me in this cyber-realm.

  3. Thank you for sharing the record of your process. The digital camera is such a great tool for this. I appreciate your connection to the materials you are using and your beautiful stitching.

    1. Terry, this piece continues to evolve and change as I respond to my intuitive inclinations.Thank you for noticing.

  4. the mapping of intimacy of family of relationship of love. very beautiful.

    1. I know that you understand Velma.
      Thank you for your support.

  5. Every stitch conveying connections, thoughts, feelings. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Claire, At first, I didn't want to share, and then I found myself posting the pictures and sharing my thoughts. I am glad you commented.


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