Sunday, August 26, 2012

Safe and Warm

Stitching on a vintage piece of wool.
I found several muddy colored wool blankets at the thrift store a few years ago.
Until a few months ago, I used them to ward-off the cold draft in my spare bedroom/workroom by rolling them up and shoving them up against the base of the wall.

And they did their assigned job.

I had intended to stitch into the wool from first love. The needle dives into the wool with pleasure and is much easier to work compared to tightly-woven cotton. No thimble needed.
The plaid pieces are from a wool scarf my family inherited from my fathers Boy Scout Master when he passsed away in the early 1970's. I was a teen then and fell hard for this woven treasure. 
Work in Progress as of 8/26/2012, Christine Mauersberger
What it looked like when auditioning a circle of black and green  that I removed from a  piece of found fabric. circa June/July 2012.

This did not speak to me.

When I added rows of red stitching...again, it did not sing,
Snip went the scissors. Last night, before adding the plaid wool.


  1. at first glance of the top image i thought this was a spiders web that the plaid cross was somehow attached to ?
    all i could see was the thin lines which i now see is stitching and the cross ..the background cloth had receded into the distance

  2. and where you are today IS somewhere. good choice to re-do. very good.

  3. Liking this as it goes along. Am gobsmacked with the scarf - it reminds me of one Mother had, more blues than red, but quite similar. Wonder if she still has it . . .

    1. Wow. That is is very cool. I hope she does have it and that you use it!


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