Saturday, March 2, 2013

new friend

Goodbye old friend
I have owned this Saturn for 10 years.

New Toyota Venza will be my ride beginning Monday.

Just wish the dealership did not play games a.k.a. trying to get us to buy a higher=end car.. We got what we wanted and nothing more. 

Wish they did not waste our time.

I will drive a basic Venza with NO heated leather seats (although that would have been convenient). But I will have automatic doors, windows, and a space to haul art.

I am happy to say that we stuck to our request for a simple car.


  1. I gave my 9-yr-old Honda Accord to my son in December and bought a new Accord -- felt the same way that you do about parting with an old friend. Although I don't regret making the change (much) I would rather have a factory new 2004 than the 2013 model. I guess I'm getting to the point in life where when I love something and it wears out I just want another one, exactly the same; no fancy bells and whistles thank you very much.

    1. Yes Kathleen. My little zippy car did just fine. No automatic door locks and nothing fancy. In fact my young grand nieces thought that my car was antique for its hand-crank windows and lack of a remote unlock feature. HA! They were babies when we bought this car.


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