Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where I Was

This is where I used to create my work. 
In my little dining room.

My friend and artist extraordinaire, Terry Jarrard Dimond wrote about me 
and where I create art on her blog here.

Look to the right side and see those bookshelves with the nice orange wall paint behind them. 
Well, it is really a space for a murphy bed.

And now that I have a new studio space 
in what was the room of Whoa, I have reclaimed the closet for storage.
My nephew will paint the doors tomorrow.
Have not really sorted through this space yet, but wanted to see how 
it would work.

Now...I can work on using this room for staging art and maybe eating dinner.


  1. I had a feeling your new space might still be a tad small. Good to know you can annex the storage space from your old room......

    1. Oh yes, but what you do not see is that I have a large house, it is a double, meaning it has 2 addresses with 2 living spaces. We live in the entire house and use the lower half for my husbands studio. And yes, that means he has ample space, and rightly so since he works in a large scale and has quite an inventory of his own artwork.
      I am carving a nicer niche for myself upstairs.
      Plus I did not want to have too much storage in my studio room. I want to keep it open and to give me a sense of being a white cloud on a magic carpet! heh heh


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